Gentle Sodium Hypochlorite Cleansers

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Advanced Skin Cleansing

Physician invented gentle cleansers recommended by over 8,000 dermatologists and doctors for skin prone to eczema, folliculitis, infection, rash, itching, and acne.

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About Our Founder

Dr. Azam Anwar is a renowned cardiologist and inventor responsible for developing many groundbreaking products, including a heart stent and contrast injector.

Ten years ago, he developed a painful staph infection (MSRA) on his lower leg. To fight the aggressive skin infection, his dermatologist prescribed him antibiotics and bleach baths. He reluctantly tried taking bleach baths but found them inconvenient, time consuming, and laborious

As a life-long innovator and inventor, Dr. Anwar became determined to find a better way to help people address compromised and troubled skin through a new skin cleansing approach. So began a journey with dermatologists and other scientists to bring a truly different skin cleanser the market. The product had to be effective and affordable, as well as easy and safe for the entire family to use.